General Francisco Franco
won the Spanish Civil war
thanks to help from his ally
and friend Adolf Hitler.

My Grandfather Francisco
Redondo photographed
during the Spanish Civil war.
This is one of the two
photographs my family has
left of him.

Death Certificate
My grandfather’s death
certificate, which states that
he died as a result of a brain
and pulmonary hemorrhage.

My Grandmother Josefa Martinez, was left a widow at age 27, and spent nearly 2 years in prison.
The House
This is the house in El Valle where my grandparents lived with their our children. My grandparents housed and abetted “guerilleros” in this house for over two months before they were found out.
Florentino Fernandez,
the man who introduced the “guerilleros” to my grandfather. He was killed the same night my grandfather was.

The Guard
Servando Molero was one of the two “Guardia Civiles” who killed my grandfather and Florentino Fernandez.

The Tree
My grandfather, Francisco Redondo, and his friend Florentino Fernandez were shot and killed beside this chestnut tree in the town of Bembibre.