Special thanks to all my friends who have helped me
in so many countless ways on this website and DVD project.
The beauty of filmmaking lies in its collaborative nature!

Patrick Chevalier
(my amazing art director! without his generous talent this website would not exist!)

Michael Hutchinson
(my genius sound mixer!)

Rick Wilson
(for his kindness and for his scenaria equipment!)

Veronica O’Shea
(fabulous producer & translator)

Steve Barkan
(my boyfriend! and consultant extraordinaire!)

Liberty Multimedia & Ayal Nitzan
(for his patience and generosity)

Peter Broderick
(the guru of internet distribution consulting!)

Photographs of C.M. Hardt by Matthew Yeomans, Angela Kaye and Steve Barkan.
Special thanks for the use of Librado Romero's photograph.
Special thanks for the use of Richard Bermack’s photographs.

A very special thanks to Eldra Felicite, Hazel Morgan
Channel 4

Michael Moore
(for his inspiration !)

Every effort has been made on this website to use photographs and music that are public domain and when available to publish the appropriate credit. If for any reason any photographs or images have been published here without the adequate permission, please contact me immediately so that I can either remove the image or provide the appropriate credit. Thanks for your understanding.